An Ultimate Guide to Darts Calculator App

If you are into dart games or want to become an expert in playing darts, then having prior primary knowledge about the darts calculator is mandatory. The concept of a darts calculator is pretty new; still, it can be advantageous to anyone who wants to indulge in professional dart games and save time during tournaments. 

Thus, if you want to know more about the darts rate calculator, check out the following context. Here you will find a detailed guide that can guide you aptly regarding the concept and use of a darts calculator app

What is the Darts Calculator?

The darts calculator is an advanced darts estimation method that can calculate the dart scores faster and better. The calculator minus the legs scored from a sum of 501 or 301. The result from this difference can be declared as your new score on the dartboard. 

Earlier, the dartboard calculations used to be pretty tricky and complicated. Because calculations used to take several minutes after each dart throw. But with the advent of the dart calculator online, finding the total score on the dartboard has become incredibly easy and hassle-free. 

Besides basic calculations, the darts calculator online also performs several other tasks, such as keeping a record of high scores and storing data. All these features make the darts calculator a multi-purpose tool, which has proven helpful to many professional players. 

Due to its extensive use, many organizations and dartboard institutions have opted for these tools to calculate the game’s average score. As a result, its popularity has increased, and more people are acknowledging its efficiency.

Where to Find a Dartboard Calculator?

Contrary to what some people think, dartboard calculators are not readily available in the market. The aspect of a darts calculator is still under-developed; therefore, the offline market lacks its concepts. However, you can readily find and use a dartboard calculator on online platforms. 

There are even some online darts calculator apps that offer their customers dart calculators for free. All you have to do is to sign up to these darts scorer apps, and you will be completely set to access the dartboard calculator. In some apps, you may even have to bear the advertisements, but when you get such a useful app, such minimal ads are utterly bearable. 

How to Use the Darts Calculator?

Using the darts calculator is easier than you think. In the darts calculator app, you will have to enter the number of darts thrown at the board and choose the border at which your dart has struck. Only these two entries will be sufficient enough to provide you with your complete dart scoring chart and total points. 

Though using the dart scorer online is not that complex, you still should have preliminary knowledge of dartboard and its statistics to understand the darts average calculator app aptly. Many people regard dartboard statistics as difficult to acknowledge, but understanding them will not be a problem if you study statistics systematically.   

How are Points Scored on a Dartboard?

To understand the darts calculator app, it is obligatory to study the scoring statistics of the dartboard. As you may know, the dartboard is a circular-shaped board game typically hung or placed on an aisle. The dartboard contains numbers from one to twenty. 

The player gets double points for having a dart stuck at the outer boundary. But if the dart lands on the thin inner boundary or inside, the scored points are multiplied by three. 

However, if you hit the innermost boundary and the center of the dartboard, also called the “bull,” the player will be granted a whopping 50 points. The following are a few points that can help you better understand the concept of the dartboard and how its scoring system works

  • The highest score on the dartboard is 60 (three times 20), granted by the second boundary of the dartboard.
  • In the innermost boundary region (Bull), each dart thrown equalizes 50. While in the second boundary, it multiples with three to become 60. 
  • Bull covers the largest area of the dartboard.
  • The smallest area on the dartboard belongs to the outermost boundary region. 
  • The outermost region is denoted by ‘D.’ The second boundary is indicated by ‘T.’ At the same time, the innermost bull area is implied by the ‘B’ alphabet. Thus, if the dart is thrown at the outermost boundary on point number 2, then its score will be 2D (D stands for Double), and in numerical, it can be indicated as 2×20. The same statistics rule will also be employed for all the other darts in all three regions. 
  • Unlike other board games, the dartboard game utilizes a reverse scoring system. At the start of the game, each player is granted 501 points. 
  • The target of each player is to reach zero points. The player who reaches zero first will be considered the winner of the dartboard game. Moreover, the end dart must be a double, implying that the dart must be pinned at the outermost boundary. 
  • There are multiple forms of dartboard games, but the darts calculator is mainly used for the general gameplay type, a typical pattern followed worldwide. 
  • There is another popular gameplay type, in which the match starts with 301 points. It is a shorter and quicker type of board game that is frequently played during tournaments. For calculating the scores of this type of game, the darts 301 calculator is used. 
  • Similarly, the game will be prolonged if the match starts with 501 points. To calculate the scores of this type of game, a 501 darts calculator is employed.
  • The highest score that you can achieve in a single round is 180. This set of scores is also regarded as “Max Score” or “Ton 80.” For calculating these points, you can also use a dart counter

These were some basic points about how the points are scored on a darts calculator. Now that you know there are two types of dartboard games, i.e., 301 darts tournament and 501 darts tournament, let’s head toward discussing these game types. 

301 Darts Tournament 

As discussed earlier, the 301 game is a quicker dartboard tournament with 301 points. At the start of the 301 darts tournament, each player is granted 301 points. The first player to reach zero points will be declared the tournament winner. 

The maximum points you can achieve in a single round during the 301 games is 180. If a player is a dartboard expert, he can easily finish the game with only six darts. During the tournament, the player mainly targets the doubles and triples to attain the maximum points. 

501 Darts Tournament 

Next comes the 501 darts tournament, which implies from its name that this tournament starts with 501 points. It is probably the most straightforward darts game. At the start of the 501 tournaments, each player is granted 501 points. The first one to reach zero points ultimately wins.

During each round of the 501 darts tournament, a player can throw up to three darts. Like the previous game, the maximum points you can score in a 501 darts game is 180. Each player tries their best to target the bullseye and the triple score during each round. 

How does the Dart Scorer Online work?

Now that you are familiar with the working of a dartboard, it is time to analyze the functioning of a full-screen darts calculator. First, you will need to determine whether you are playing a 301 or a 501 points game. 

If you are playing with 301 scores, you must use the 301 darts calculator. But if you want a bigger tournament, then play 501 points game, which will require a 501 darts calculator. The formulae of both these calculators are utterly different. 

Another type of game initiates with 601 scores- and is regarded as the double of ‘301 points game.’ Since the 601 game is the classification of 301 tournaments, that is why it is not categorized as a major type of dartboard game. 

The obligations of 501 and 301 games have been stated above; therefore, it is time to analyze how 501 darts calculator and 301 darts calculator work. The variation between these two types of calculators is minimal, yet it holds sheer importance in determining the final scores of the game. 

301 Darts Calculator

As predicted by its name, the darts 301 calculator is employed to estimate the scores of a 301 darts tournament. This calculator works on the following darts calculation formula

  • To calculate the total scores; 

(301 – The Left Score) / Number of Total Darts Thrown

  • To calculate the average score; 

(301 / Number of Total Darts Thrown) x 3

501 Darts Calculator

To calculate the points of a 501 darts tournament, you will require a 501 darts calculator. The 501 calculator utilizes the following formulae to estimate a game’s total and average score.

  • To calculate the total score; 

(501 – The Left Score) / Number of Total Darts Thrown

  • To calculate the average score; 

(501 / Number of Total Darts Thrown) x 3

Similarly, for 101, 601, 701, and 1001 darts tournaments, the calculators’ formulae will be different. Moreover, the players will have to start the tournament with the scores according to the type of game they are playing.  

Why is Dartboard Calculator Useful?

The Dart checkout calculator proves to be extremely helpful as it is not only time-saving but also hassle-free. All you need to do is to enter the required credentials after each round. The calculator will give you your average or total points for the round. 

At the end of the game, add up the scores or apply the average formula to attain the final result. Similarly, you can also employ the dedicated formulae to get the one-dart or three-dart average. 

But you must ensure that you are using the right calculator or formula to figure out the total score. For instance, if you are playing the 301 darts tournament, you must use the 301 darts calculator to estimate its scores. If you do it otherwise, then the results will be inaccurate. 

On Which Devices You Can Use Darts Calculator?

Darts calculator is not an offline aspect. You can only use it on certain devices. However, even on devices, there are some limitations to the darts scorekeeper. The virtual darts scoreboard comes in the form of an app. 

You can install the darts average calculator app from GooglePlay or Apple Store. Once downloaded on your mobile phone, you can calculate the scores of the dartboard game easily. All you have to do is to select the classification of the dartboard game you are playing. 

Similarly, you can install the darts calculator on tablets and iPad using the same method. However, to use the darts points calculator on PCs, MacBooks, and laptops, you can simply use the browser and surf the calculator websites. 

Most of the darts average calculator online can be used for free. The quality of these free darts scorers is pretty optimal, implying that you get to calculate the dartboard scores without any hassle for free. 

But there are also some dart board scoring applications and websites that will not only require a sign-up, but for attaining the premium access, you will also have to pay them a subscription. 

Such high-end darts calculators are preferred for estimating the scores at professional tournaments. Because in these types of games, no mistakes and negligence in scoring can be tolerated. 

Therefore, the choice of your darts calculator completely depends upon your requirements and the type of tournament you are playing. A free darts scorer app is sufficient if you are playing the dartboard for fun. 

But if you are indulging in a higher league, then paying a minimal fee for getting aptly calculated scores is endurable. Premium websites can even offer you a darts scorer app with voice control feature, which makes the points determination process more straightforward. 

Can You Use Computer for Calculating Dartboard Scores?

Some people wonder whether they can use the computer to calculate the points of a dartboard game. If you are also curious about this question, this section will appropriately brief you in this regard. 

The computer has smart calculation systems, but they are not smart enough to easily calculate the game’s scores. You will have to use the dart calculation formula to estimate the scores on the computer. 

The formulae can undergo multiple human errors and even suffer from miscalculations, ultimately leading to false estimation of dartboard scores. And if a single mistake occurs in the calculations, then the intended average will also be false.

But the darts calculators are designed with no errors, and the implementation of formulae in them is also pretty precise. Therefore, when you deliberate the dartboard points using a darts calculator, there is minimal possibility of errors and mistakes. 

As a result, when you analyze a darts scorer vs computer comparison, the darts calculator will always emerge as a clear winner. Not only are the calculations from this method precise, but it also saves the players time as you can attain results within seconds. 

What are One-Dart and Three-Dart Average in Dartboard?

Not many people know but finding an average is a crucial aspect of a dartboard game. Whether the game is 301 or 1001, the average points must be estimated after each tournament. Most of the time, winners are decided based on this average.  

In a typical dartboard game, each round is played with one or three darts. If you play it with one dart, the calculator estimates the one-dart average. But if each round comprises three darts by each player, then the calculator will find the three-dart average. The following sections can precisely inform you regarding the calculation of the one-dart average and three-dart average. 

One-Dart Average 

As discussed earlier, the one-dart average implies the average score of a game, in which each round is played with a single dart. The ideal one-dart average can be either 30 or 40. The chances of attaining the 30 points are around 50%. But chances of getting the highest 40 average are as meager as 20%. 

The one-dart average games are mostly played in short tournaments like the one with 301 points. The formula for calculating the one-dart average points is quite different. It can be stated as follows; 

(For 301 points game)  :  (301 / Total Number of Darts Thrown) x 1

To calculate the one-dart average score, you must use a specific one-player darts calculator. The calculator mainly works on the formula mentioned earlier and finds the average total score accordingly. 

Three-Dart Average 

The three-dart average is a dartboard league in which each tournament round consists of three darts. Each player is provided with three darts; after they finish shooting, the round is over. Then the score of each player is combined to find their three-dart average. 

A good three-dart average is around 110.94 points. Most of the time, professional dartboard leagues consist of three-dart average rounds. Phil Tayler was the player who has the record of having the highest three-dart average, i.e., 110.94. He scored it at the 2009 PDC World Championship finale and defeated Raymond Van Barneveld. 

Similarly, Micheal Van Gerwan achieved the second position by scoring 107.79 points. At the same time, Rob Cross became third as he attained 107.67 points. Thus, these are also considered good scores in a dartboard game. Moreover, the formula for calculating the three-darts average score remains the same as mentioned earlier in the context. For further clarification, you can study it again; 

(For 501 points tournament)  : (501 / Total Number of Darts Thrown) x 3 

The darts calculator 3 players utilize the above formula to find the median of the total score during the three-darts average. If you don’t use the appropriate calculator, you may get false results. 

How Many People Can Play a Dartboard Game?

The number of players in a dartboard tournament can heavily influence the functioning of a darts calculator. Thus, before using the darts scorer app, knowing how many players can participate in a league is vital. 

Typically, one or two players participate in a dartboard tournament which can be either one-dart or three-dart average. But in some cases, three people can also indulge in the game. In such situations, the darts calculator 3 players are used. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do you calculate darts?

Darts can either be calculated manually or by using a calculator. Manual calculations are rather considered false, as the changes of human error in them are pretty great. Therefore, if you want to calculate darts precisely without any inaccuracy, then using the darts calculator is the best option. Besides being error-free, this method is also less time-consuming than manual estimation. 

  1. How do you score 301 in darts?

When the game starts with 301 scores, it is referred to as a 301 darts game. When the 301 tournament initiates, each player is given 301 points. The first player to reach the zero score wins the tournament. At the end of the game, the 301 average is calculated, which can also contribute to deciding the winner of the game.

  1. What is a good 1 dart average?

The one-dart average indicates the points that are scored with a single dart. Since you can use only one dart, you cannot score much in a one-dart average tournament. The maximum number of points you can score in a one-dart game lies between 30 and 40 points. 

  1. Do darts players do the math?

If the players do not use the darts scoring chart or darts calculator code, they will have to rely on Mathematics to calculate the final score. But if you opt for using the darts calculator, you can save yourself from this hassle. 

  1. What does the green on a dartboard mean?

A green region surrounds the bullseye (worth 50 points) on a dartboard. But contrary to common misconception, this green region is also worth some points. If your dart lands on this green-colored area, you will receive 25 points. Furthermore, unlike the other areas, the dart in the green area does not get doubled or tripled.